Another Day In Brooklyn

Made a stop to Williamsburg Burger located in Brooklyn. With the vintage styling of a decoy, sunlight coming in from every window, and the music being a great playlist. I couldn’t resist.  The restaurant is located on Wythe between 1st & 2nd st. While I was there with a friend just catching up on business and future projects. I had a “Williamsburger” fixed with lettuce, tomato, onion ring, and swiss cheese. (Typical burger) Oh, and do not forget the bacon. 

While I was driving back Uptown. I came up with an idea to set my camera on continuous shooting mode. And just shoot whatever I saw that was interesting while driving. My favorite photo from the bunch was this particular shot above. The photo has such a great mood to it. For about twenty minutes I couldn’t stop staring at it,  contemplating on how did I create a shot like this.



On Sunday (4/13/14),  I attended the TRIBLKN event that was showcasing a few short films. Eventbrite was hosting the event which is always a good thing. GOSPELS were the musical performers for the night.  They were pretty good, searching for their music as we speak. 

With Spring in full effect I can’t wait to just attend all the short film events. They’re always fun and interesting to see what people create.