#TuesMusic - SuperFlyKy - Violet’s Last Forever

Hello, beautiful people. Hope everyone is having a good day, like I am. Today #tuesmusic is dedicated to a good friend of mine.

Just a few months ago SuperFlyKy released a full ep projected titled “Time Will Tell”. Violet’s Last Forever is one of my favorite songs from the ep. The video is finally here and paints a great picture to match the vibes of the song.  I watched the video at least three times. I believe this video fits my #tuesmusic section perfectly. Not because  SuperFlyKy is my friend. Because this is a great song along with a great video.

"Violet is the embodiment of an ex-spouse. Imagine being captured by your ex and seeing them in your current partner. Although we all move on, Violet’s last forever. "

Download Time Will Tell now on SuperflyKy.com Twitter: @SuperflyKy Instagram: @SuperflyKy


On Sunday I went to the #EminemXRihanna #MonsterTour. I had an amazing time. Hands down it has been one of the best concerts I’ve attended. While on the trip I was vlogging, which I recently just got back into. I took a long hiatus due to a crazy schedule. But I finally felt like it was time to get back into the swing of things. 

This was the first time I tried….

Before the madness started

Let the show begin

HI. Rihanna *waves*